2018 Outlook: Big Changes Predicted in Content Marketing & Social Media

Tis’ the season to look ahead and from the recent onslaught of trends articles it seems like big changes are ahead for content marketing.

Spoiler Alert: Video is HUGE; original content is now king, dark social, augmented reality and AI (artificial intelligence) come into play in the industry and influencer marketing will get more attention.

Need more details on what’s hot in 2018 so you’re ready to capitalize on the trends? I’ve curated a list of expert-written articles and pulled out some nuggets I think are valuable so that you don’t have to go racing around the internet:

One thing is sure: Consistent, original, and addictive content is all the rage.”

Content Marketing Trends to Watch for 2018 (Content Marketing Institute)

The content marketing landscape is changing to focus more on video and less on branded content.”

Content Marketing In 2018: Trends And Tools For Success (Forbes)

“You have two choices. Adopt a video content marketing strategy, or watch your small business get left in the dust.”

Content Marketing Trends That Will Help Your Small Business Thrive In 2018 (Business 2 Community)

“Customers are no longer limited to staying locked on the screen for getting content. The Internet of Things has made it so that content can be all around us, interwoven into our daily lives in a way that’s hands and eyes free.”

9 Content Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2018 (Neil Patel)

“While more content isn’t necessarily better, marketers are busy creating easy, consumable pieces of content that fit into the brand’s promotional strategy.”

4 Content Marketing Trends for 2018 (Inc)

“Increased brand participation in “dark social”: Brands are figuring out how to use messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and WeChat—collectively referred to as “dark social” (i.e., not publicly visible), but a bright idea nonetheless.”

Top Nine Social Media Trend Predictions for 2018 [Infographic] (Marketing Profs)

“The time of free organic reach has passed us by, and we need to accept that to gain any kind of traction with social media marketing you need to have an advertising budget of some kind.”

3 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018 (Social Media Today)

None of these trends are a slam dunk. Implementation will take time and dedication to really understand how to leverage the technology in appropriate ways. Organizations will have to commit to content marketing and back that commitment with real budgets.

My own prediction is that most organizations will be slower to fully embrace the power of video, dark social, AI and influencer marketing than we think now because of the steep learning curve many of them require. We’ll be talking about how companies can make better use of these tools throughout the year. I also see that branded content will be required to pay for social media impressions, even as they seek alternative ways of sharing their messages (maybe through influencer marketing?).

What is your prediction for content marketing and social media in 2018?

Photo by Verena Yunita Yapi on Unsplash

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