About glee

Marketing in today’s fast-moving digital world is complicated. I started glee Content Marketing in order to help organizations to do three things: create effective content strategies, develop content that tells the story and distribute that content in the right places.img_7022

I’ve combined my strategic nature with my love and passion for creating content and working with the latest digital tools to establish a company that can help organizations move the needle forward in their content marketing  efforts.

A naturally strategic thinker, I’ve spent more than 15 years building content marketing strategies and producing content to be used in email campaigns, websites, social media, traditional advertising and public relations articles and much more. I’ve also advanced client social media initiatives by creating organic and paid social campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. In the early days of social media, I educated clients on the benefits of social media marketing and launched their sites. More recently, I’ve managed online communities and helped clients reach new audiences through highly-targeted, paid social advertising.

My first love is writing. I began my career as a copywriter and have never given that up. I consider myself  a writing chameleon, changing my tone and writing style to cater to my diverse clients and the audiences they serve. My promotional copy is developed for specific distribution channels including websites, blogs, emails, print and digital advertising, video scripts, brochures, e-books and white papers, PPC ad campaigns and even direct mail and telemarketing scripts. Through the right type of content, I speak in your voice to your industry’s needs.

My passion lies in capturing the power of digital marketing tools to achieve client goals. I never stop researching new tactics and exploring how they are best applied to each client’s unique audience to achieve positive outcomes.

Contact me to discuss how we can work together to build your custom plan. Learn more about me on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter or Instagram at @gleecontent.