2019 Outlook: Content Marketing Goes Long

The pace of change in the marketing industry did not slow down in 2018. Last year we posted a blog that curated experts’ prediction for 2018 and many of them held true. Influencer marketing exploded. AI continued to insert itself into the industry through chatbots and more. Video marketing hit a new high. So looking into the crystal ball…where will the industry go in 2019? Will influencer marketing continue to climb? Will marketers put more efforts into content? Digital strategies? Social? And will social as we know it change? Continue reading “2019 Outlook: Content Marketing Goes Long”

2 Surveys That Help Marketers Think Strategically

What does the world really think of the marketing messages they are confronted with all day every day? The results of two recent surveys give us valuable insight into the psyche of our audiences and can help us create new strategies or refocus our current ones. Here are a few highlights along with my thoughts on the recent survey reports you’ll want to dig into as you prepare for 2019:

Adobe 2018 Consumer Email Survey

Adobe reported findings from its latest survey that say consumers are reading your emails while on vacation (78 percent), while watching TV (60 percent) and yes, while they are in the bathroom (40 percent). Smartphones are the primary way people check their email with 85 percent reporting the device as their preferred method. When asked what one thing they could change about emails from brands, the top answer (39 percent) was “make them less promotional and provide more information”. Ahhem, content marketing anyone?

To capture the attention of consumers (B2C and B2B), marketers need to develop email strategies that aren’t simply empty promotions flooding inboxes. Email content needs to be short, valuable or provide an incentive to purchase to maximize effectiveness.

It’s important when creating an email strategy and writing the actual message to remember that people are most likely receiving your end product on their smartphone. If people are scrolling by on phones, they are potentially not stationary and are definitely looking at a much smaller screen. For these two reasons alone, short and to the point is critical. (See my past post, People Don’t Read and How Writers Can Adapt) for more on this point.) Need even more ideas for improving your email campaigns? Here are 3 Tips to Help Boost Your Email Marketing Efforts from Social Media Today.

2019 B2B Content Marketing Report

Do you talk to your customers when creating your content personas? If not, you’re in good company. Content Marketing Institute (CMI) found that only 42 percent of marketing and sales teams talk to their customers during audience research. That’s an issue. CMI says marketers should stop trying to infer customer needs from data and rather, let them tell us directly. Makes sense.

The B2B Content Marketing report is chock full of important insights (as it is each year) that are too numerous to name, but other highlights include the responses from top-performing content marketers that they put their audience’s informational needs first (90 percent) and that their audiences view them as a trusted resources (96 percent). These principles are the cornerstones of content marketing. Content marketers who adhere to them are seeing the benefits of doing so in their results.

And speaking of audience’s informational needs and trust and strategic content marketing tactics… Have you ever considered conducting your own proprietary research? Survey results can fuel a lot of content marketing initiatives beyond an initial report such as blog posts, infographics, webinars, presentations and more. Plus, the entire effort could be a new sponsorship opportunity or strategic partnership for the organization to cover the costs.

Get it right! Contact glee to support your email and content marketing strategies. We handle everything from strategy to copywriting using the latest industry best practices and trends.


Photo by Timur Saglambilek from Pexels

The Do’s and Don’ts of E-newsletters

E-newsletters are highly-used and highly-useful tool in the content marketing toolbox. And with good reason, e-newsletters can be great vehicles for delivering brand messages, connecting and engaging with target audiences and sharing the brand story. The success of e-newsletter effort comes down to a few simple dos and don’ts. Whether you have an established e-newsletter or are weighing the value of starting one, read these rules and examples of strong e-newsletters in order to produce an effective content marketing tool. Continue reading “The Do’s and Don’ts of E-newsletters”

How to Purge Excess Content from Your Website

The ideal website is easy for users to navigate intuitively through the content they need. And while many websites start out simple, it doesn’t take long for well-intentioned content to build up and become cumbersome, ultimately clogging up the well-planned, beautifully-designed navigation.

While a lot of content can be evergreen, it’s important to make sure less valuable content isn’t getting in the way of users’ attempts to find what they need. A new website design is a great time to undergo the process of weeding out unnecessary content, but you can also implement an annual or bi-annual website content audit to examine what’s on your site and identify what needs to go.

View this infographic for the right questions to ask yourself when determining which content to purge:

Continue reading “How to Purge Excess Content from Your Website”

Why Writing and Travel Go Hand in Hand

Many of the world’s most famous writers, such as Ernest Hemingway, J.K Rowlings and F. Scott Fitzgerald, traveled the world and wrote timeless, memorable tales based on their experiences. It’s no secret that travel provides inspiration and not just for writers of fiction. Marketing copywriters who travel see the world from a variety of perspectives. And while world travel offers a host of opportunities for personal growth, I would argue that you don’t need to leave the U.S. to experience and understand many different ways of life.

Whether it’s near or far, if your copywriter is taking a vacation, whether it’s sightseeing, adventuring or relaxing on the beach you should jump for joy! Your bound to get better writing and here’s why:

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