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5 Takeaways from March’s Virtual Events #expochat [Infographic]

The world changed overnight. We are now and for who knows how long physical separated- socially distanced. Obviously, this has been devastating to the events industry. Many have outright canceled, others postponed and still others are going virtual. Last week, I moderated an #expochat on the topic of virtual events. If you missed it, you can read through the full archive of the discussion. 

During the chat I asked attendees to share their best ideas on producing virtual events that provide great attendee experiences. Here are a few takeaways from that discussion. What would you add? What technology can create a dynamic experience? How should program content evolve? How can exhibitors and sponsors still achieve a strong ROI?

Want more? TSNN has published several articles with ideas on this topic. Please join us at #expochat on Wednesdays at 1pm ET by simply following the hashtag on Twitter. The topics and moderators rotate weekly.

Sound Like a Human in Your Writing

When we connect with people in our personal or professional lives we almost always build a familiar and comfortable rapport. It would be weird to talk to someone who sounds robotic. But all too often in our marketing and public relations writing that’s exactly what we do! We fill our website, emails, articles with industry jargon, acronyms and formal writing that makes it harder for the reader to get through and connect. 

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5 Takeaways from January’s All About Event Marketing #expochat [Infographic]

Last week I moderated #expochat on Twitter and engaged with industry leaders on the topic of event marketing in 2020. When I started in event marketing with an association about two decades ago, we printed and mailed 35,000+ (yes!) multi-page brochures about “Annual Conference” to the membership. I think that approach would now be called “blanketing”. We put it out there to all to see what would stick. And I promise we weren’t crazy. If you’ve been in the industry a decade or less, I swear that was the industry norm.

Thankfully, things have changed steadily in the 20 years since this century began. Event marketing today is less about “butts in seats” or “exhibit hall aisles filled with bodies that may or may not be interested in the exhibits”. Rather than just getting people in the door and calling it a day, marketers today are reaching and then connecting with the right audience and demonstrating an event’s value to them and leaving an impression. Continue reading “5 Takeaways from January’s All About Event Marketing #expochat [Infographic]”

glee’s Top Posts of 2019

Once again, it’s been a busy year in marketing. We covered a lot of ground on the blog to help marketers make sense of it all. Here’s a look back at the five most popular posts among glee’s readers.

  1. What’s Up in Social Media (March 2019). The social media landscape is changing faster that we can take it in. That’s why we post periodic trend updates marketers need to know about to keep up. After you read what went down in March, see what we added in August.
  2. The Lessons Every Female Entrepreneur Needs to Know. Friends of glee shared their insights on building a business as a woman as part of glee’s 2nd anniversary celebration.
  3. 5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Stop Using Right Now. Sometimes best practices do go out of style. Check the list to see what if you’re doing something you shouldn’t.
  4. The Evolution of Testimonials in Marketing and Their Power Today. Word of mouth still means a lot even if its appearing on a computer. Understand testimonials’ history as a marketing tool and how you can use them to create a winning strategy.
  5. If You Write It, Will They Come? 7 Content Formats that Get Noticed. Stand out from the crowd with a fresh take on your content.

Thank you for reading our blog and we’re excited to connect with you in 2020! If you have a content marketing or social media topic you’d like us to cover, email us! And, if you haven’t already, we’d love to connect with you on social media so that we can carry on the conversation. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram under gleecontent! Happy Holidays!

The Lessons Every Female Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Today marks two years since I opened the figurative doors to glee Content Marketing. In that time, not only have I continued to sharpen my digital marketing skills by staying up on top trends, but I’ve learned to handle many new challenges that come with running a business. 

Right now, the U.S. has 12.3 million women-owned businesses, generating $1.8 trillion a year. To celebrate glee’s birthday, I’m taking a moment to focus on the power of female entrepreneurship. I asked a few successful female entrepreneurs that I know to help me with this post by sharing their thoughts on starting a business and keeping it going. By sharing what they’ve learned and what they want other women to know, they offer inspirational lessons you can’t find in any business textbook:  

Lesson 1: There are no limits

There are no right or wrong industries for women. There is no right or wrong time to start out on your own. And there is no limit to what you can accomplish or the impact you can have on others. Megan Carpenter is CEO of FIComm Partners, an integrated communications agency with a specialized focus on financial services. She says,

“Being a female entrepreneur is one of my greatest privileges. I have the ability to act on my desires for a more inclusive and equal work environment for women. I have the ability to create a vision that aligns my personal and professional aspirations. I have the ability to build a team that believes in our mission and lives our core values. I have the ability to drive change in an industry (financial services) that so desperately needs it. With these privileges comes an immense amount of responsibility and those responsibilities can weigh heavily on me at times – but it is so worth it!”

Lesson 2: Don’t ignore that little voice in your head

No one is rewarded by waiting. Renu Blankinship launched her company, Makermint. which offers pop-up craft workshops for kids and adults, in 2018. In a short time, she’s made New York City a lot craftier. She encourages other women to go for it and don’t hold back: 

“When you have an idea in your head – a small seed – that is motivating you to embark on an entrepreneurial venture, push through the fear and the what-if situations and put yourself and the idea out there. Take things one step at a time: send an email out announcing your business, hold your first event. Get that idea out there, and then build, build, build on it and watch in awe as it becomes a deeply rewarding reality.”

Lesson 3: Feed off of the strength of your network

Start with those around you and build. Ask your network for help with the areas you can’t do alone. Ask your network for recommendations. Ask your network for the sale. Stephanie Heishman founded Freya, LLC to help organizations plan and execute events. She believes using the strength of your connections will help every entrepreneur keep all the balls in the air and driving toward their goals:

“Having started my business 5 years ago, I think one of the key elements to staying in balance with all of the moving pieces that come with being a business owner (clients, accounting, business development, etc) is to stay connected to my network. Getting new ideas, thoughts and different perspectives is so important, and helps keep my work fresh and relevant.” 

As I look back on the past two years working for myself, I’m proud of my accomplishments and grateful for my relationships with my clients and colleagues. I truly believe the time for women to crash through the glass ceiling is now. We women can and should help each other achieve greatness. If you’re ready to create the world’s next great company, I hope you’ll take some inspiration from these women and do it. It won’t be stress-free, but it will be great. Let me know how I can support you and your ideas! 

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

What’s Up in Social Media (August 2019 Edition)

What’s up in social media? In a word, Instagram. This periodic look at the trends in social media is a special edition of sorts, as it will focus on some of the latest news coming from Instagram and what it means for marketers. Instagram stories adoption is increasing (and video is the medium of choice here), the algorithm is changing, hashtags are still important, but there are two big stories making headlines this summer: branding and likes.  Continue reading “What’s Up in Social Media (August 2019 Edition)”

User Generated Content: Who, What, When, Where and Why

Have you noticed your friends sharing recent purchases or products they love on their social platforms? That’s a marketer’s dream: user generated content. Free advertising. 

User generated content is today’s brand advocacy. Officially, user-generated content (UGC) is defined as any form of content, such as images, videos, text and audio, that have been posted by users on online platforms such as social media and wikis. As consumers turn to their online acquaintances for purchasing advice more often, it’s become a critical component in marketers’ content marketing strategies. Think of it as an additional form of your content curation strategy (if you don’t have one of those, read this.

Here are the answers to the key questions (the who, what, when, where and why) marketers need to employ user generated content effectively in their strategies. Continue reading “User Generated Content: Who, What, When, Where and Why”

The Essential Guide to Business Blogging

Blogs are great things. They give businesses the opportunity to add fresh content to their websites and share their expertise while building thought leadership. But the downside of blogs as anyone who’s ever had to manage one knows all too well, is they can be hard to maintain consistently week in and week out. Yet, a blog’s success relies on doing exactly that. 

Unfortunately, many things get in the way of creating a powerful, successful blog including writer’s block, lack of time and lack of buy-in from colleagues. These challenges all limit productivity and value of the blog suffers.

The good news is that you don’t have to flounder. Here’s your guide through the best ways to overcome these challenges. By doing these things you’ll keep your blog current and full of relevant content that is valuable to your readers which in turn drive more traffic to your site, converts leads and positively impacts your bottom line!

So let’s go get it!

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