3 Myths about Facebook Advertising

After conducting dozens of paid advertising campaigns on Facebook for clients in a range of industries, I can attest that they can offer a range of benefits for marketers, including detailed targeting, near real-time tracking and ad monitoring, the ability to make changes to targeting or ad creative at any point and affordable pricing. Still, some marketers are leery to test the platform for their audiences.

I’ve compiled the top three concerns I hear when discussing Facebook advertising and offer explanations to quell those concerns so that more marketers can feel confident testing the platform’s paid advertising opportunities.    

Myth 1: “My Audience Isn’t On Facebook.”

Fact: By the end of the second quarter 2017, Facebook had more than 2 billion active monthly users– the most of any social media network and it continues to grow at a faster pace than any other social media network. Plus, Facebook advertising includes placement on Instagram, bringing another 700 million and growing people to your potential audience.

Looking at demographics, it’s not just young kids using the platform. Statista reports that 33% of Facebook users are over the age of 45.

Myth 2: “I Can’t Target My Customers on Facebook because I have their Business Email Addresses.”

Fact: While this was more true a couple of years ago, now Facebook offers many types of information matching so the more data points you have on your customer list–first name, last name, physical addresses (city/state/country), phone numbers and more–the better match rate Facebook can achieve. This has allowed B2B marketers to engage in much more robust Facebook advertising campaigns. Plus, you can track and target your website visitors.

Myth 3: “I’m a B2B Marketers, I Should Advertise on LinkedIn, not Facebook.”

Fact: This seems obvious–target people with business ad messages on the platform designed for doing business. LinkedIn can be a good resource, but to date, Facebook has developed a much more effective targeting tool and, in my experience, offers much better results at a lower price. A recent article by SocialMediaToday, “Why B2B Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore Facebook”, cited a HubSpot report that indicated 74% of people say they use Facebook for professional purposes. And, even if your target audience isn’t actively doing business on Facebook when they see your ad, they still take action when it appears in their newsfeed.

One other benefit of Facebook over LinkedIn is its international reach. If your target audience is located outside of the U.S., it’s important to note that Facebook is the most popular platform worldwide. Linkedin, with 106 million active monthly users, is number 19 on the list.

If budget allows you to use both platforms, great, but if not, Facebook is a first choice.

To wrap up, Facebook’s paid advertising opportunities can offer marketers solutions, but there can be a steep learning curve in taking full advantage of its offerings. Hiring a professional with experience building these ad campaigns will save you many headaches, maximize the targeting and creative options available and achieve positive results. Contact glee to learn more.

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